Direct Marketing with Words

You are here because your marketing isn’t producing the leads or sales you need. Correct?

Marketing that doesn’t generate leads or attract customers to your business is the reason most small businesses fail. So why do so many of the marketing strategies small business owners try end up costing money instead of making money? The words they used didn’t get the job done.

Do You Use Words to Market Yourself, Your Products or Your Services?

Of course you do unless you’re the type of marketer who believes I’ll show a picture of a smiling face and the customer will automatically figure it out that using my product or service will make the happy.

How do you know if the words you’ve chosen to get your message across to your target audience are working?

The answer is simple. They are responding!

From a marketing standpoint is your website underperforming? 

Do the visitors to your site fill out the forms, click on your links or pick up the phone and call you? Isn’t that what you want them to do? If you do get visitors (many websites don’t) are they converting to paying customers. If not, then why not? Isn’t it possible that you’re using the wrong words or message to get the results you are looking for?

Why do I ask you so many questions?

Because they engage your mind. Whether it’s direct marketing or any sales of any kind, you need to have your audience engaged or the conversation goes nowhere. So how engaging is your current copy?

You know your business needs effective marketing tools to attract new clients and customers. That’s a given. The next question is,

“Is writing your own direct marketing materials really the best use of your time?”

As a Wordsmith,  Copywriter and Direct Marketing enthusiast I work with words and will make your words work for you.

Whether it’s a presentation, sales letter, direct marketing pieces, web copy, etc. I can add impact to your words.

The right words, in the right order will give you the right results.

Put me to the test

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