How to Avoid RAM and Get Consistent Marketing Results

You have heard the term Random Acts of Violence, Random Acts of Kindness but have you heard of Random Acts of Marketing?

In all likelihood not only have you heard of it but you are guilty of practicing it. Random acts of marketing is when you try a dash of this and sprinkle of that and expect great marketing results. RAM would include things like running one ad in the newspaper, getting no results and determining that advertising does not work. Or sending out a direct mail piece to your target market and only getting a 1 or 2% response and then never sending them anything again. Or sending your clients a card once a year as in a Christmas card when for the rest of the year you are mailing them flyers trying to sell them something. Or attending a networking event, hand out some cards and expect the phone to start ringing. I guarantee if you practice RAM you will also practice RAD (Random Acts of Depositing) into your bank account. RAM equals inconsistent and disappointing marketing results.

Think of your marketing as a campaign much like in war or politics. You would not achieve your objective of victory with one skirmish or speech. That is why we help our clients develop a marketing strategy that consistently creates a steady flow of clients either by using a hopper system or a knock down list or both. If you are guilty of RAM, now would be the ideal time to change to a more strategic approach. Your bank account will appreciate it.

Instead of your random approach you will want to develop a strategic, sequential approach. Plan on having a series of sales letters, emails or marketing devices that initiate the concept of KLT or know-like-trust. Prospective customers or clients want to buy products or use services but they have to have confidence in the decision to do so. A one time contact rarely can accomplish that or produce the marketing results you’re looking for.

If it normally takes five or more contacts to establish some form of trust level with a prospective client or customer how does it make sense to expect marketing results from a single touch or contact? Replace random with strategic and you’ll enjoy consistent marketing results.

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