Are You Guilty of These Small Business Marketing Mistakes?

Are You Guilty of These Small Business Marketing Mistakes?
by Larry Arrance Marketing Coach & Consultant

Last week two major retailers, I will not tell you their names (but their initials are H.D. and C.T.) forgot this critical marketing rule ” everything is part of your marketing”. We were looking for some storage units that would be a quick addition to one of our rooms. We went down to check out what was available at these two stores. At H.D. I was turned off from buying their product before I got within fifteen feet of it. A large chuck was broken off from the corner of the door. This was their display unit. What were they displaying, that it was made from faulty materials, could be easily damaged during assembly or that the store did not care about their image for supplying quality products?

Then we headed over to C.T. but we did not fare any better. At least this time we were not disappointed until after we opened one of the drawers. Inside we found only half a drawer as the bottom had been badly broken. In their defense maybe some customer caused the damage but that does not take away from the disastrous marketing message they presented to us.

We ended up going to another retailer where we spent nearly a thousand dollars. I understand that a thousand dollars may not have a huge impact on a retailer of that size but it should never be considered inconsequential.

As a professional facilitator for many years I lived by the rule that everything in the room was part of the workshop. If it did not present the message or image you were trying to convey then it should not be there. The same holds true for your marketing. Whether you have a retail business or work out of your office, everything is part of your marketing. Take a walk around and look at everything from the point of view of a customer or client. What do your pictures, posters, diplomas or certificates say about you? Do they add or take away from your message? Example: If your diplomas and credentials are many years old what is it saying about your ability to stay current? What if the last time your company won an award for anything was a decade ago, what message does that send?

Look at your office or establishment from the viewpoint of someone who will be spending their money with you. Are you filling them with confidence or raising concerns? Remember, everything is part of your small business marketing.




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