Leaders are Readers – Power Advice for Small Business Owners

We live in an information overload era. There is no end to what we the small business owners can read, should read or need to read. This alone stops some people from reading altogether. That is unfortunate because reading can have a huge impact on your small business. So knowing you need to read to succeed, how do you do it the most efficient and effective way?

Acquiring the Knowledge

Read the table of contents.

Ask yourself, ” what exactly do I want to get from this book?” “What can it teach me?”

Look for the One Big Idea from every book, report or article you read. The one important new insight that can help you succeed.

Read the introduction and/or the first chapter in its’ entirety.

Read the first and last paragraphs of each successive chapters and the first sentence of each paragraph in between.

Finally read the last and/or epilogue in its entirety.

Making it Yours

The bad 80/20 rule. You will forget 80% or more of what you’ve read by the next day. Find someone to share your newly acquired knowledge with within 24 hours of you reading the book.

Repeat this process again in the next 24 hours.

Do it again within the next week.

If you cannot find a warm body to talk to, write it down. Record the title, author, Big Idea, and smaller ideas of each book you read in a journal of some sort.

“The book you don’t read, won’t help” Jim Rohn

Look at any successful small business owner and you’ll see that they’ve built up a huge resevoir of knowledge they picked up from those that went before them. Only a fool tries to do everything from scratch. Treat books as the accelerator to your success. As a serious small business owner your goal should be to be a leader. So remember, leaders are readers.

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