In Personal Marketing Focus on Their Needs Not Yours And Win

When you are engage in Personal Marketing to get a new or better job it is critical you use the sound marketing practice of focusing on their needs not yours.

“The point is ladies and gentlemen, that greed… for lack of a better word is good.” Gordon Gekko



Saving money, generating cash flow (creating an atmosphere where the employer can do those two things) are all the employer is interested in. They will not hire you because their bank accounts are swollen and about to burst and they need a way to get rid of the money. Before you try to market yourself to the employer, you need to get focused on their Greed Gland. Business is about profit, pure and simple. Even non-profit organizations have to keep costs down and funds flowing in, to stay alive. So how is your personal marketing going show them that you can to do that for them?



Will what you have to offer make their life easier, richer or more productive? If you weren’t a solution to some of their concerns, then why would they want to talk to you? When I’m coaching a client on how to approach a company or business, I will ask them to consider what the concerns may be for the manager or owner for that position. Is it generating sales? Is it expanding the client base? Is it keeping costs down by eliminating waste? Or is it creating a strong team that can do all three? Communicate to them how you’re going to do any or all of those things and the position is yours.


Go back through your work history and look for solid examples of where you made an employer or manager’s life easier. By taking problems off of their plate you’ll free them up to go do the things that creates more profit for them. They see this as a good thing.


The chronically unemployed or underemployed have spent most of their work life trying not to be noticed or as one of my clients called it ‘flying under the radar.” Sure this attitude may prevent the boss

from picking you out from the rest of the masses but you’ll also end up never accomplishing anything worth noticing. When the time comes for layoffs it is much easier to let go a generic worker than someone who adds to the bottom line of the company. If you have been guilty of ‘flying under the radar’ make a vow to change that approach. Look for ways you can increase profits or reduce costs. Become a standout employee. It may help you in your current position and will definitely help you sell yourself to your next employer.

Remember, all of your personal marketing is geared toward focusing on their needs not yours!

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