Not Reaching Your Personal Marketing Goals?

Are you struggling to reach your personal marketing goals? If you are then it may be a matter of having the wrong goal.

Having the wrong goal can be demotivating and dramatically impact your results. I’ll give you a few examples to make my point. Let’s imagine that you are a job seeker. Your goal is to land an interview and get a job offer within one month. So you set yourself the goal of applying to ten businesses in the next four weeks. You do this and it produces 2 interviews but no job offers. A month has gone by and your efforts did not achieve the goal of the job offer. Would the failure to reach your goal negatively impact your motivation? Would it cause you to doubt your ability to get a job as quickly as you’d thought you could?  For a lot of job seekers the answer would be yes.

What if you had a different personal marketing goal? As a job seeker you know you’ll have to have an interview before a job offer is likely to be given. If you made it your goal to have a minimum of twenty interviews in the next thirty days or one month, you would find the experience far more rewarding and much more likely to produce the desired outcome. So how do you go from the two interviews to a minimum of twenty? Simple, you take charge of the situation.

As a personal marketer, in this case a job seeker, your goal is to get an interview with anyone who could hire you or recommend you to someone who could hire you. Rather than waiting for a job ad to appear, send in your resume and then wait for the prize of an interview, you be the one who sets up the interviews. Make a list of people in authority in your chosen field and then ask to interview them. This is referred to as an informational interviewing. Let’s say that you take this approach and along with any interviews you got through applying to positions you reached your goal of twenty interviews. How do you feel? Are you motivated to do more? Yes, but you may not have to as there is a good chance a job offer came as a result through meeting one of these influential people.

Example number 2 You’ve a sales goal associated with your personal marketing and you don’t see yourself as a great salesperson?

The same approach applies. Let’s say that you’ve set a sales goal of closing ten deals this month. The first week goes by and no one has said,”yes” to your offer. How confident are you feeling about reaching your sales target? For a lot of small business owners this is a problem. Now you go into week two with a little more self doubt. This whole situation could have been different with a better goal. Let’s say you set your personal marketing sales goal to ask ten people each week, for the sale.  Notice I didn’t say make the sale or close the deal. I said, ask ten people for the sale. Your only task is to ask for the sale. If you did this, at the end of the week how would you feel? We all know that if we ask enough people someone is going to say, “Yes.” So a smarter personal marketing goal would be to consistently ask a set number of people.

So don’t give up on your personal marketing goal, change it to one that will produce results.


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