Does Your Small Business Need a Marketing Strategy Review?

Do you know any small business owners who are feeling stuck in their business and doubt their marketing strategy?  Maybe they offer a good or even a great service but they struggle with getting potential clients to understand what they do and how they can help. They’re frustrated after trying so many marketing tactics only to find none of them produce results worth getting excited over.

2014 is fast approaching. Do they have a marketing strategy in place with tactics they have faith in, are comfortable with and will stick with unit it pays off?  If not, then they’ll want to meet with me for a Marketing Strategy Review for their small business.

Maybe the frustrated small business owner is you.

I’m offering a Marketing Strategy Review for small business owners.  During this review will focus on the three major marketing factors; your market, your message and your medium.  Here are several of the areas we’ll look at in your marketing review;

·      Are you targeting the right market for your service?

·      Are your current marketing strategies producing results?

·      Are you clear on what it is you are selling?

·      Does your market know what you sell?

·      Do you have a niche? Is it a profitable niche?

·      Does your marketing message resonate with your target market?

·      Do you have a clear, concise and compelling marketing message?

·      Do you have the 6 Ws of your marketing strategy in place?

·      How many marketing tactics do you have in your marketing toolbox?

·      Do you have a marketing plan for 2014?

You can make 2014 an amazing year for your business. To do that you’ll need to know two things; where you are now and where you are going. A Marketing Strategy Review will clarify what you need to do and give you recommendations on how to finally make your marketing produce predictable results.

Your investment is only $199.00. Please allow 90 minutes for the session. You’ll receive a report of the review including recommended tactics and strategies.

Call 250-870-6029 today for more information or to book your Marketing Strategy Review.  Getting you noticed, known and hired.

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