As a Small Business Owner Are You An Annoying Marketer?

 As a small business owner are you an annoying marketer? How can you tell?

Two professional marketers annoyed me this week and they will pay for it. If you are like me you probably subscribe to one or more newsletters or websites. Like you I allowed them to have my email address because they promised or indicated that I would be receiving valuable information in return. Mostly it has been a good trade for me. Occasionally it has not been so and I am forced to make a decision as to whether or not to take away their opportunity to stay connected to me. As a small business owner that relies on that connection it has just cost him potential long-term income.

Two examples of annoying small business marketing tactics and practices:

As I mentioned, two professional marketers of small businesses utilized marketing strategies that caused me to unsubscribe from one and to put the other on my ‘two strikes and you are out’ program. What did they do that was so annoying? The first marketer who is still hanging on by a thread with me has instituted this pop up window that appears seconds after you start reading his post. It asks if you would like to continue reading the material and if so then please fill in your name and email address. I am already on their mailing list. What is the point of making me fill this form out again and again? The reason I am giving him another chance is they have provided value in the past. I am hoping this new approach is just a brain glitch and they will stop using it.

The second marketer does not get another chance from me because he employed a technique that takes away my right to choose. Like the first marketer he uses the pop up window shortly after I have started to read his material. The problem with this device is that it shows that you have the option to close the box if you want but never lets you click on the button. Every time you move your cursor to click on the close button the pop up window moves away so that you cannot reach it. To me this is a sign of a lack of integrity. If I cannot trust him I do not want to have any connection with him. As a small business owner his use of tactics that frustrate and annoy me has cost him not only any future business from me but also those people I would have sent to him.

Take a look at your marketing tactics, pieces and devices. How would you feel if you were on the receiving end? Would you want your family or friends to be subjected to them? Choose to market your small business with Integrity. Remember the Golden Rule. It applies to your small business marketing. Do unto others as you would have done unto you.

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