Beware the Peddlar is Advice for Small Business Marketing

Is this a bad thing? Not at all, if you have a small business marketing strategy in place and their products or services actually help you achieve your goals. If you don’t have a marketing strategy then I can almost guarantee your money will be wasted.

Keep this in mind when someone is trying to sell you something to help you market your small business, they don’t work for you. Their first allegiance is to their bank account, second to their employer and thirdly to you. Advertising sales reps sell space whether it is in a magazine, newspaper or on the radio or TV. It can’t come as a surprise that they get paid more if you have a bigger ad or run more commercials. Trust me they don’t lose sleep at night worrying that customers are not pouring through your doors or ringing your phone off the hook.

Does this make them evil? Obviously not, they are just doing their job. Unfortunately their job isn’t to increase your profits or build up your database. If it was, they would offer some form of guarantee for guarantee. results. Want to have some fun? Next time they try to sell you something, ask them for a money-back. They may never visit you again!

The old adage, “Buyer Beware” should be changed to “Buyer Be Educated Or Lose Your Money” If you plan to stay in business then you must accept responsibility to learn the art of small business marketing. The buyer beware also applies to using social media as part of your small business marketing. We have an app for that and for this and just about anything else you can think of. That doesn’t mean you should use it. How many small business marketing strategies connected to social media do you see in your inbox on a daily basis?  One I’m finding particularly annoying is the onslaught of Season’s Greeting e-cards. I don’t mind receiving them until I’m required to log in to open it up and then am expected to pick one myself and send it back. Sometimes they want access to all my contacts in the process. Now I’m not feeling all that warm and fuzzy about receiving the greeting card.  Before you use a small business marketing strategy think about whether you’d want to be on the receiving end.


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