Small Business Marketing and the Little Things?

Recently met with a business owner to discuss his small business marketing strategies. We picked a small local business for our meeting. Both being small business owners ourselves we like to support fellow small business owners. It just makes sense. It was there that I noticed something very small but potentially costly in terms of marketing for this small business.

What was the little thing that could negatively impact this small business and it’s marketing efforts?

A little chip about the size of my fingernail on my pinky. While this might seem small and inconsequential it can negatively impact this small business’s marketing.

How? We spend a great deal of time, energy and often money with our small business marketing to get customers into our businesses. Once inside, our marketing hasn’t ended. Everything we do inside ads to our marketing efforts. A chipped plate sends the wrong message. It can say that your business is struggling. It can say that you and your staff don’t care enough to replace a plate and are willing to let a customer use it. It can say that you don’t pay attention to details.

What happens if a customer interprets that chipped plate as being indications of the above mentioned messages? How many people do you know that want to hang out with their friends at a place that is obviously struggling to survive? How many small business owners or professionals want to meet their clients at a place that doesn’t seem to care about looking professional? Are they likely to return? Are they likely to recommend the place to their friends and colleagues?

It can also have the customer looking around to see where else they were missing the little things? It did for me. Now I was noticing they still had posters up advertising Christmas season events that had long since happened. Yes, I know that leaving up outdated posters is hardly the end of the world for a small business but when it is added to other small details it starts to build a poor impression.

There is a saying the Workshop Facilitation world, “Everything in the room matters. If it isn’t adding to the classroom experience, it is taking away from the experience.”  The same holds true for a small business. Remember your small business marketing happens outside and inside your business.

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