Small Business Marketing – Fast or Slow Growth?

I was at a Small Business Marketing Seminar in Florida a January. There was a common theme among the small businesses that had experienced amazing results in the previous year

The small businesses had abandoned slow growth for fast.

It is generally considered a prudent small business growth strategy to build your business slowly. In fact I had one business guru tell me that it is pretty much expected that a typical business will lose money in the first two years, break even in the third and gain back their initial loses in year four and five. Pretty easy to see why so many businesses never get to five years of age.

What did the fast growth small businesses do?

They let go of the old practice of trying a marketing tactic or strategy then measuring the results. Don’t get me wrong here. They did not give up marketing and measuring. They gave up trying only one marketing channel or technique at a time.

They wanted massive results. This meant taking massive action. They implemented a number of different marketing strategies at the same time. The fact that most marketing strategies can cost little or nothing, there is no logical reason for trying only one at a time.

What kind of success are we talking about? One company went from nearly closing their doors in April of that year to generating over 2 million in sales by the following January. Another quadrupled their customer base, tripled their sales and they are now in a position to duplicate this in their second location.

Remember, you determine the speed of your success in your small business. The right marketing strategies can really accelerate your results.

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