Does Your Small Business Need to Hear Mike’s Message?

First off, who is Mike Haines? He is a business owner and an expert in great customer service and a crusader against poor customer service.

Back to the original question; “Does your small business need to hear Mike’s Message?”

The answer is, “It depends.”  It depends on whether your small business needs repeat customers. It depends on whether you want your current customers to talk positively to their family and friends about your service.

Is there a cost to not hearing Mike’s message? Yes, and the cost will get higher with each passing day.  Mike helps businesses develop and maintain positive relationships with an ever growing demographic. What demographic do I refer to? Canadians with disabilities.

Did you know that as of 2006 of Canadians between 25 to 44 years old 8% had a disability? It goes up from there. Between 45 to 64 years old it’s 18.3%. Those between 65 to 74 years it is an astounding 33%.

What does this mean to your small business?

So it isn’t a matter of if you’ll have customers with a disability, it is a matter of how many and how will you keep them coming back?

Mike Haines understands intimately what great customer service and poor customer service looks like because he has a disability himself. He has experienced both and knows how critical it is for business owners to adopt the mindset of “we appreciate your business and we want you to come back.”

How does Mike’s talk help the business owner?  He shares stories and examples of both poor and great customer service with the owner and the staff.  He also shows them methods of communicating with this growing population of customers so that they feel valued and respected. Mike’s humorous and outgoing style is a hit with the staff and makes his message easy to accept and understand.

Does your small business need to hear Mike’s message? Only if providing excellent customer service is important to you. Invite Mike to share his message and passion about Great Customer Service.

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