Does Your Small Business Use Me Too Marketing?

How many times have  we as small business owners been told that we have to stand out? And yet how many of us actually use marketing that would do that?

How do you know if your small business uses Me Too marketing?

Match standing out from the rest
Does your marketing make you stand out?

It is quite simple to tell if your marketing falls into the dreaded Me Too category. Take out every piece of marketing material you use. This would include your business card, direct mail piece, brochure, sales letter, advertisement, flyer and website. White out, tape over  or delete your name and insert the name of any of your competitor. Would whatever you have written (other than the contact information) still basically hold true for your competition?  Do the same thing in reverse with your competition’s material.

Is your marketing interchangeable with your competition?

If it is, how can your prospects or customers determine if you are the best solution for them? Think about it. You’ve heard the stats before about how something like 85% of businesses never reach the fifth year in business. Or you’ve seen businesses (we’re being generous here and referring to them as businesses) that never really generate enough sales to qualify as a real source of income. Why is this?  Because they all copy each others’ marketing and as such they all flounder or fail.

So how can you make your marketing stand out from the rest?

First step is to determine what it is that is different about you than your competition. There is always something that you can leverage off of. If you don’t know what makes you special, no one else does either.

What is it about your background that helps you bring something different and valuable to your field or category? Is there something about your approach to providing the service that is different than the competition? What are the major complaints customers have about your industry? How does your business make sure your customers will never experience that? Why are your services worth more than the competitors? Why are you able to provide the same quality of service for a lower price? What evidence can you show that would prove you are the best choice from everyone else?

Start thinking of who you are, what you’re all about and what customers can expect when they do business with you.

Remember, they’re not just buying a service, they’re buying the service provider. Your marketing has to show them that as a service provider you are different than the rest. If not then be prepared to not enjoy all the rewards of Me Too marketing.

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