Your Marketing Strategy Should It Include Video?

As a small business owner your marketing strategy or tactic needs to be an effective one. Some entrepreneurs and small business owners can get buried by the choices and end up doing none of them well. A large number of marketing experts or gurus or consultants claim that video marketing is the absolute best way to go for your small business. Is this true? Not necessarily.

Should you always use video as your marketing strategy?

It is the word “always” that is my biggest concern in the above question. While it is true that video marketing is an excellent tool for getting attention. You just have to look at the success and heavy use of Youtube to see that people love videos.

The question is whether or not it is the preferred method for receiving your message. For some of your potential clients or customers it won’t be. People who love to read will be far better served by a blog or other forms of written communication. Some people don’t have the time or believe they don’t have the luxury of extra time to sit down and read or watch a video. These people prefer to listen to a podcast. Your marketing strategy has to take this into consideration.

Marketing videos do not have to be long or costly productions. All they have to do is address a concern or problem that your prospects are likely to face. Here is an example of a simple video focusing on people who need to know how to write a personal marketing piece.

How do you decide what your marketing strategy you should be, video, podcast or written?

Your choices are to have a mixture of marketing videos, blogs and podcasts. Or to pic the medium that most appeals to you. I have a small business owner friend who loves to talk or perform at the front of any room. He doesn’t particularly like to write. So video or vlogs makes perfect sense.

The thing to keep in mind with using a small business marketing strategy is that you’d better pick one you like to do. We all know, the things we don’t enjoy doing often don’t get done. So pick wisely.

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  1. Great points Larry!
    In my experience people often make these two mistakes with video:
    1. Not enough editing – I is painful to watch a 50 minute video full of ummm and ahhhh. I will only start to watch one of those and never return again.
    2. Not telling me why I want to watch the video: It is important to write a paragraph about the video and why it is important to watch. I often type out some quotes from the video in the post to add interest.
    There is a lot of competition for our content out there – we have to market it.

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