It’s Smart Marketing When You Serve Them Right

Providing great customer service is absolutely part of your smart marketing strategy whether you are a small business or large corporation. A friend of mine, Mike Haines, public speaker and advocate brings to business owners’ attention the wisdom in providing great customer service to a specific segment of the population.

Treat this customer with respect and dignity and it will pay off for you in many ways.

What special customer is Mike Haines referring to in his fun and engaging talks with small business owners? People in wheelchairs or with other challenges. As small business owners we spend time, energy and money in our smart marketing campaigns to bring in customers. It should go without saying that part of your small business marketing is your reputation for delivering great customer service.

What Mike Haines demonstrates for small business owners and their staff is how with just a little bit extra effort with these special customers it could reap long lasting rewards.

When you look past their challenges and see the customer inside you’ll want to make sure you provide them with great customer service. Remember, your other customers are watching how you treat these customers. Also, whether you see them or not, behind every person in a wheelchair, or leaning on a walker or cane or whatever other challenge they may have are family, friends and associates.

When you and your staff take the time treat these customers with dignity, respect, and kindness, you are telling the rest of your community that all customers matter to you. That is just smart marketing!

If you’ve been in marketing or personal and professional development you’re like to have heard the term “Acres of Diamonds.” It was a speech delivered over 5,000 times by Russell Conwell. When I hear Mike Haines talk about the value of providing great customer service to group of people, I think of the “Acres of Diamonds.” Each of these customers is to be considered a diamond. There value is there if you’re willing and open to see it.

I recommend that you attend one of Mike’s talks or book him for your business or organization. Remember the best kind of marketing is smart marketing.

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