How Do Strengths Play into Small Business Marketing?

As a Small Business Marketing Coach I’ve been interviewed on Television and Radio. In a recent conversation with Radio Host and Business Coach Pamela Lynch I was asked a series of questions. Here are my responses.

Pamela Lynch business coach
Small Business Growth Coach

What tips can you offer to entrepreneurs who are just starting out? How about those who’ve been in business a long-time?

For those just starting out I recommend you make sure your business and marketing align with your values and your strengths. If it doesn’t then you’ll experience lots of friction, conflict and stress. If you are reluctant to implement a marketing tactic then there is likely a conflict with your values or strengths.

You’ve referred to what I do as “my brilliance” and I’ve heard the same thing from others. It used to make me feel uncomfortable until I did the Strength Finders evaluation. Among my top five strengths is Ideation, Maximizer and Individualization.  Ideation means I have the ability to see connections between ideas and thoughts. Like this morning on one of my coaching calls I shared an idea that had come to me as we spoke. His response was, “wow, where do you come up with this stuff?” That is just how my mind works.

For the longest time I would just give my ideas away (much to my wife’s displeasure as the recipients would go make money with my ideas.) My thinking was, “how can I charge for something that comes so easily to me?” After talking to a Strength’s Coach I was able to see that this strength was part of the value I brought to a client. I now bring this key strength into small business marketing conversations because it is part of the value I bring to the table.

The Maximizer strength shows that I have the ability to take someone to a higher level of achievement. And Individualization means I have the ability to see the strengths in others and help them identify them.

All three of these strengths play very well into coaching and facilitating workshops. All three of these strengths play into small business marketing too.

The flipside to that is that my non-strengths have to be taken into consideration because they will impact my marketing. For example of the 34 strengths my weakest strength was WOO – this is the strength of winning people over and typically done on a one-to-one basis. Really effective networkers will have WOO as a strength. For me networking is a chore. I have to push myself to do it. So as a marketing tactic it wouldn’t be my most effective because anything you have to force yourself to do often doesn’t get done.

Recognizing that networking is in my strength area I find small business marketing strategies and tactics do utilize my strengths. For me this is running mastermind groups, facilitating workshops and doing demonstrations.

If you are struggling with your sticking with your small business marketing strategies there is a very good chance they are not utilizing your most dominant strengths.

Your strengths don’t just play into small business marketing they should be the cornerstone.


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