How to Make Attending an Event Pay Off

Have you ever attended a workshop, lecture, networking event or meeting? Did you make it worth attending? I’ve asked this question to people and they’ve been baffled by it. Why, because they’ve always approached it as if it was the organization or person putting it on that was responsible for providing the value. Truly successful people do not make that mistake.

How can you make attending an event pay off for you?

The question you need to ask yourself before attending something is, “How will I make it worth being there?” When you make it your responsibility to extract maximum value from an event you’ll become much more strategic.

In our Mastermind group we get the members to determine what they’re time is worth. Typically this done so that they’ll stop doing tasks of lower value and focus on activities that generate the most value or revenue. You can also apply this to attending any events that will use up your time.

For the sake of an example let’s say based on how much income you want to earn in a year you’ve calculated your time to be worth $100 per hour. When you’re going to be attending a workshop, lecture or event you want to establish what your true costs are to be there. There is the fee (unless it’s free) and the time away from your business. We’ll say it’s happening locally so we don’t need to take other costs into consideration.

Using some fuzzy math, based on ticket price and time commitment you estimated your financial investment will be $400. What will have to happen at that event to make sure you at least break even? How many new leads do you need to acquire? What kind of new alliance will you need to form? How many good ideas will you need to hear that you can incorporate into your business to generate that amount of sales? An event can be a gold mine but it still you that must extract the gold.

Yes, the people putting on the event should do everything in their power to make it a valuable experience. That’s a given. What I’m recommending is that you take ownership for making attending an event pay off for you.

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