Boost Your Brain and Body & Boost Your Small Business

When someone meets you in person will they judge your small business positively or negatively?

What does the way you move or the length of time it takes you to respond to questions say about you or your small business? Like it or not, we are all judged by how we move, stand or sit. We are also judged as to our mental capacities.

my aching back
Is he up to the task?


Isn’t it true that as a small business owner or professional you want to appear as confident as possible?

Keeping in mind that people like to do business with people they know, like and trust it is critical that we don’t give reasons to doubt your ability to do the job or deliver the services.

You know your stuff and are quite capable of do what they are paying for but do they believe it? Does your confidence in someone’s ability go up or down when you meet them in person or watch them in a video? Which inspires you more seeing someone move with ease, full of purpose and confidence or someone who seems hesitant, off balance and rigid? If you find yourself dealing with challenges like chronic pain, limited range of motion or stiffness, address the problem because it is probably impacting your small business. I recommend you find yourself a practioner such as Ross Short of Body-Wize. He has a 93% success rate of relieving chronic pain.

If your challenges lean more to the mental then you’ll want look at ways to boost your brain because you always want to come across as sharp as possible. Remember as a small business owner or professional you are asking people to trust you with their projects, finances, health, etc. Will they have confidence in you if you come across as forgetful, scattered, suffering from occasional brain fog? Not likely, so take the steps to make the best in person impression.

It’s up to you to boost your and body and boost your small business



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