How to Get Gritty When You are Setting Goals

It’s December and we’re racing to the end of 2014 at warp speed. If you are like a large proportion of professionals who are actually into goal setting you likely do this at the end of the year or beginning of the New Year. I’m not going to try and dissuade you from doing this even though there is a far more powerful day for goal setting. What I’m going to ask you do is take a look at your current goals. That is if you are still working on any of them.

Why look backwards before planning for future successes? History repeats itself and the area of Setting Goals is no different.

Take out one of your goals. What were or are the actions necessary to achieve that goal? If they aren’t already written then write them down. Next to each action step put a check mark if you are or have been taking the required action.


Next to each action step with a check mark write down how often you take the action. Is it daily, weekly, monthly, occasionally or just once?

Next to the ones without a check mark write out why you haven’t taken any action. Why ask yourself this? Because if you didn’t take the necessary actions for this goal why would it be any different for a new goal?

Based on your answers what do you need to do to improve your results?

Before you embark on your next setting goals session it makes sense to evaluate your approach to goal setting and goal achieving. After all, why bother to set new goals if you haven’t developed the grit and determination to complete the last ones.

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