Show and Tell and Your Small Business

Do your remember when you were in your early years of schooling you probably took part in an activity called Show and Tell? Everybody would take a turn going to the front of the room and hold up an object and tell the rest of the class about it. This activity was designed to stretch your comfort zone, increase self-confidence and improve your communication skills.

How can you use Show and Tell to improve your results in your small business or career?

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This Show and Tell exercise has a different goal than the one for school children. It’s more of a prove it activity. What you’ll need for this activity is an audience (coach, mentor, mastermind group, spouse or boss). If your anxiety level just went up, then you definitely want to pay attention to this.

Many of us can fall into the trap of fooling ourselves that we are accomplishing more than we actually do. I come from a background where our productivity was there for the world to see. There was no claiming what we were doing was productive because the results would be sitting right in front of us. Our efforts either produced or they didn’t.

Imagine that once a week or once a month you had to stand before any of the previously mentioned group or person and show them the results of what you’ve accomplished in that time for your small business. Would you go into the meeting with confidence or armed with reasons why the activities hadn’t produced yet?

Pretend we were meeting next week for your Show and Tell. I’ve asked you to bring with you a report on how you market yourself or your small  business. Some of the strategies you have been using are blogging, tweets, posting updates, networking events, etc. Would you be able to show how each of those produced quantifiable results? Would you be able to justify why each strategy was worth investing more time, energy or money into?

If it is too scary to deliver your report to someone else then at least do the exercise with yourself. Better to be honest with yourself or your last Show and Tell activity will be hanging the “Out of Business” sign.

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