How to Get Your Marketing to Be Engaging

Think action. How do you know when you were exposed to marketing that was engaging? You took some kind of action.

For you to get your marketing to be effective you’ll need to make it engaging.

One of the best ways to ensure that your website visitor, marketing piece reader or audience attendee takes the right kind of action is to use a formula designed to do that.

One of my favorites is I.E.E.O and I use it in advertorials, sales letters, sales pages, cover letters, and presentations. Why, because it works.

The “I” stands for Interrupt. You have to say something to gain their attention. Interrupts typically fall into one of three categories. Familiar, Unusual or Problematic because our brains are programmed to search for anything that fats that description.

Familiar interrupts would faces, objects or animals that we already know. That is why a celebrity’s face can hold our attention. Cute cuddly animals or babies are often used. Objects would be things that you already use or would like to own such as golf clubs, automobiles, etc.

Unusual interrupts would be anything your brain would see and go “What, why or how?” A car driving up a snow-covered ski jump would make you stop and pay attention because it seems impossible. Talking babies or animals would accomplish the same thing.

Problematic interrupts are focused on the problems your target market has. In my opinion this is the most effective interrupt to use because it is also the easiest to focus your message on.

Now there is nothing new about using interrupts but there is often a problem with how they are used. To get your marketing piece or device to work for you the interrupt has to lead to the second stage. It has to engage the mind of your target market.

Once you’ve successfully interrupted your potential customer their brain will automatically seek the answer to this question, “What’s in it for me?” The example I use in my workshops is this. I’m watching TV when suddenly a commercial starts showing three beautiful young women in skimpy bikinis running down a beach. The interrupt worked because it has my attention. Then it starts to tell me about chewing gum. My brain goes, “What do the girls have to do with gum?” At this point I feel annoyed because they tricked me. When the commercial come on again it no longer works as an interrupt and fades out of my consciousness. This is bad for them.

beach without the bikinis
Sorry, you’ll have to imagine the girls in bikinis

At a recent seminar that I said to the audience, “I have a four step process that will guarantee you success in any endeavor whether it’s health, relationship, career or business.” This was the interrupt. Then I asked, “Is there anyone who would like to know what it is?” Every hand in the room went up. This was my engagement tool.

The next component of the get your marketing working for you is Educate. You have to educate your audience as to why what you offer is needed or why it is what they’ve been looking for or why no one else can deliver it as well as you.

Lastly comes the final component. The offer. It is amazing how often marketers don’t end with an offer or some kind of call to action. Think about it. You went to all the problem of sending someone a marketing piece, created a web page or put on a presentation and then never gave your audience a reason to take some kind of action. Does that make any sense?

What do you want your target market to do with the information you’ve provided? Don’t leave it to them to figure it out because they probably won’t. If you want them to click on a link, then tell them. If you want them to pick up the phone and call, then tell them to do that. If you want them to leave a comment, then make sure you do that clearly.

What do I want you to do with this information? Look over your marketing materials, emails, blogs or anything that you use to get your marketing message out. Does it follow the formula of I.E.E.O? The formula works. Try it and then share this blog with your friends.


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