Network Marketing Strategy – On or Off Target?

Your Network marketing strategy, is it on or off target?

I was at a Rapid Time Networks small business referral networking event recently. As a small business owner it’s a good idea to attend events like this as part of your network marketing strategy.

It can be quite interesting to listen to small business owners and entrepreneurs trying to describe what they do. You don’t have to listen long before you understand why they have so few clients, customers or prospects. And usually it’s because they don’t have a clue what their target market is looking for.

What I’ve found is that the ones most guilty of this are business to business service providers, network marketers and coaches. And this includes all the coaches from small business, life, wellness and spiritual. I know there are more kinds but they can be lumped in with the rest.

network marketing strategy way off target
network marketing strategy way off target

Is your network marketing strategy way off target too?

One life coach told me she helps women connect with their Joy. Another coach says she helps women discover their Inner Goddess. And they both went on about how amazing the journey together is for her and her clients. Now I thought maybe it was because I’m a man and pragmatic as to why I didn’t see how they would market or offer this service. So I asked other women who were successful in their field or small business if “connecting with their Joy” or “discovering their Inner Goddess” was important to them.

They looked at me as if I had three heads. “No! What will I be able to do differently after I’ve worked with the coach?” Each of the already successful women wanted to know what the actual results were going to be. The same applies to Network marketing. How will their life be different after using your product or join your business?

As a Network Marketer, I’m a coach too and I know we can get caught up in trying to sell the process of coaching. This is a mistake. Your clients are only interested in the results. One business coach tries to get people to interested in Accountability coaching. The reality is that most coaching is about being accountable to your own results. But for most of us we don’t go looking for someone to hold us accountable let alone pay for it. We just want the results that it will bring. As network marketers and coaches we all sell the same thing. We sell change. So what will be the results of the change? Talking about the results is key to your network marketing strategy.

Another small business owner who does renovations had me look at his website. Most of the copy he used focused on how you’ll have all the permits you need, how he uses 2×4 construction that is all up to code and something about garbage removal. None of that is important to the customer. They want to know it will be done right, look good and at a price they can live with.  They want to know about the final outcome. The results.

So look over your Network marketing strategy to see if your marketing focuses on the results a customer, prospect or client will get from using your services, products or joining your team. That is what they are looking for so why talk about anything else?


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