Direct Marketing Copywriting Examples

Direct Marketing covers many different methods of delivery. This includes Direct mail pieces, brochures, postcards, website copy, advertising, flyers, special reports and email.

Here are some examples of Direct Marketing Copywriting.

This is the cover of an 8 page Special report that was used as a free give away on a landing page for the purpose of generating qualified leads. It targeted small and medium sized businesses for the Prince George, BC area. Here is some sample text from inside the booklet; “You are in business to make money. Most business owners will need to have a Merchant Service Program in place to ensure their customers can pay them conveniently for their products and services. Not all Merchant Service Programs are created equal. As a serious business owner it is paramount that you choose the one that works best for you.”

Table of Contents
What are Merchant Services ?

What are Interchange Rates and Why You Should Know?

What are the Most Asked Questions about Merchant Services?

The Questions You Must Ask to avoid Overpaying.

What do all those terms mean to you?

Why You Should Work with a Professional?


“What is Merchant Services and what is a Merchant Service Specialist?”
Merchant Services in regards to this guide usually refers to the service that enables a business to accept a transaction payment by use of the customer’s credit or debit card..
A Merchant Service Specialist is a professional who specializes in working with business owners to acquire Merchant Services. They will have extensive knowledge of the industry and needs of merchants of all sizes and business categories.

What is the first step I should take when I am approached by a Merchant Service Provider’s Sales Representative?
I am always surprised when I hear someone went ahead and committed themselves to something as important as their Merchant Services program without taking this simple step; Google them. It is quite amazing to see the number and intensity of the complaints leveled against some of the Merchant Service Providers.

Some of the complaints range from being lied to by unscrupulous sales reps to not having access to their funds for months on end. I recommend you take a few minutes to check the complaints out. It could save you some very expensive lessons.


Direct Marketing Special Report

Direct Marketing Copywriting Sample 1

The following 3 slides show DirectMarketing Copywriting used in short video format. This was used to generate qualified leads in the Kamloops, BC region. Direct Marketing is extremely powerful method when used in video marketing.

Here is the link to view this direct marketing style video to select ideal leads in a specific geographical location. In this instance it was focused on small business owners in the Kamloops, BC market.

Link to Direct Response style short video

Direct Marketing Copywriting set of slides
Direct Marketing Copywriting example in PowerPoint












































Next example of Direct Response Copywriting is for a Bookkeeping Service in Calgary. This was short Powerpoint presentation used for creating a video.


bookkeeping video ad
First slide of direct response video for bookkeeping service
















second slide of bookkeeping video
second slide of bookkeeping service video
















slide 3 of bookkeeping video
slide 3 of bookkeeping video series
















Here is the link to the direct response video for bookkeeping services.


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