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Writers write for many reasons; fun, creative outlet, to inform, to influence and to make a profit.


Here are samples and links to some of my books.

just say no Just Say NO to Patio by Larry Arrance

This humorous book is ideal for men who enjoy a good chuckle and like to laugh. Those who can, do. Those who can’t, don’t. Those who can do neither give advice about it. Compared to a cross between Dave Barry and Red Green (not in looks but in writing style), Larry Arrance dispenses somewhat dubious but always entertaining advice about home renovations, construction, and life in general. This book is based on his humorous column “Just Ask Larry” and comes with the warning, “use advice at your own risk.” This humor book came to be because the author thought his wife was actually asking for help. It turns out she was just complaining. What can a man or a woman (if it falls into the wrong hands) learn from this how to or how not to home improvement book? While at the heart of each story there is some actual useable advice this book mostly makes fun of home repair, home renovation, marriage, and family dynamics. Of the multitude of funny books available this will appeal to men, married men, and those men who are not sure. Just Say No to Patio does push the envelope but that is what comedy books should do if you are an adult reader. Recommend this humor book to your family and friends.


in jakes hand  In Jake’s Hand by Larry Arrance

It should have been just another uneventful night at the Cathedral Falls Minimum Security facility. For Darcy Barrows, it would tear his world apart. What should have been a minor curfew infraction spirals out of control, leaving three people dead, two running for their lives and a community in chaos. Inmate Jake Clearwater lies unconscious in the hospital bed, unaware of the furor he’s caused. What he did in the darkness would bring the attention of the world onto him, his fellow inmates and the prison itself. Some come to worship Jake, while others want him dead. Only one person wants to protect him. Alban Pelletier and Reagan Blackwell, men from two very different worlds, both want the same thing; to use Jake. For one, Jake is a ticket out of prison; for the other, he is a ticket out of mediocrity. Neither is above lying to do it.

Shark Techniques


The SHARK Technique for Rapid Re-employment by Larry Arrance

Are you a passive Bottom Feeder in the world of job seekers or do you aggressively hunt for the most desirable positions available? If you had to describe your method for finding great job opportunities, how would you describe it? Are you like the countless number of unemployed or underemployed who gather in large groups, most often unwittingly, and chase after the few jobs that are tossed out by companies that were forced to resort to advertising the position?

This is a 254 page value rich job search guide for people who want to take complete control and get their next job fast.

52 lessons52 Creative Writing Activities by Larry Arrance

Here are 52 different creative writing activities to help you unleash the author within. Whether you are just learning about creative writing, just love creative writing exercises or are looking for creative writing tips you will be glad you found this creative writing ebook. Many of the exercises were a part of my Unleash the Author Within creative writing workshop where I show aspiring writers how to write books, magazine and blog posts. With each creative writing activity you are presented in this book you’ll be given an opportunity to develop new creative writing skills or acquire writer’s perspective. While much of the writing activities are designed for fiction writing they can adapt easily to non fiction writing as well. These 52 creative writing activities were originally designed so that my creative writing students could tackle one lesson each week for a year. Hence, the 52 lessons. For best results with the activities I encourage you to take your time with them to let their full value sink in. In these creative writing activities you will be introduced to many different approaches such as how to use stairwell wit or when to throw your words away. The creative writing activities are fun and effective. You will enjoy them.


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