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2016 Small Business Marketing Sales Letter Promotion

Do you want to get your 2016 marketing campaign off on a solid foundation? I’m offering a Sales Letter Promotion. You can have a one page Sales Letter for $200 or a two page Sales Letter for $300. This offer is good until December 31st. Your Sales Letter can be used as the first step in your off-line campaign, the framework for your auto responder or email series or the basis for a presentation. This will be a tool you use again and again. It will pay for itself many times over.

Contact me at 250-870-6029 or cornerstone to book my services.


Marketing Services – Marketing Evaluation

Let me check it out before you send it out

Small business owners and Professionals can have their marketing materials evaluated before sending to the printers or sending it out to prospects and customers. Have your direct marketing piece, sales letter, marketing email, postcard or flyer put through my 31 point marketing evaluation. Most small business owners and professionals can be too eager to get their marketing materials out. Not having your marketing piece evaluated can be a huge mistake. There are key elements that every marketing piece needs and if you miss them then your marketing materials can be ineffective. They won’t produce the results you wanted. Before you put them into play have them put through a 31 point Marketing Evaluation. You will receive a professional evaluation with feedback. You’ll be told if there are weak areas and suggestions for improvement. Take advantage of this offer. For only $39.95 you can make sure your marketing piece, sales letter, marketing email, postcard or flyer is as powerful as it can be. Contact me today for your 31 point Marketing Evaluation.

Small Business Marketing Piece Evaluation – $39.95

Do you use LinkedIn to market yourself or your business?

Does your profile position you the way you want it to? Would you like to have your LinkedIn Profile actually work for you? Have it showcase the skills or services you want to be known for? Have it be considered to an actual marketing tool? I will revamp your existing LinkedIn Profile and add power to your wording so that your target market takes notice. The fee for this service is $150. I will continue to add to your profile until you are satisfied with the results.


Need Help Marketing Yourself or Your Small Business?

We increase your value to your market with Personal Marketing Strategies, Marketing Services, Marketing Gap Analysis, Effective Self Marketing Materials, LinkedIn Bios and Marketing Campaigns, Value Proposition Letters, Direct mail marketing pieces, Cover Letters and more.

Getting You Noticed, Getting You Known, Getting You Hired

Who uses our marketing services?  Small business owners, independent professionals, job seekers and those looking for a better career. It’s all marketing!

Whatever your Small Business Marketing or Personal Marketing needs are we have a service to fit your budget.

Marketing Services:

  1. Sales letters
  2. Sales letter campaigns
  3. Cover letters
  4. Value Proposition letters
  5. Direct Mail marketing pieces
  6. Bios including Linkedin Profiles
  7. Linkedin marketing strategies
  8. Elevator or lead generation message
  9. Review current marketing pieces with feedback
  10. Creating a marketing plan you will stick with and follow
  11. Sales Presentation coaching
  12. Networking Presentation coaching
  13. Workshop development and marketing pieces to promote it

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Marketing Strategy Review

You can make 2016 an amazing year for your business. To do that you’ll need to know two things; where you are now and where you are going. A Marketing Strategy Review will clarify what you need to do and give you recommendations on how to finally make your marketing produce predictable results.

Your investment is only $199.00. Please allow 90 minutes for the session. You’ll receive a report of the review including recommended tactics and strategies.

Call 250-870-6029 today for more information or to book your Small Business Marketing Strategy Review.  Getting you noticed, known and hired.

Let’s connect on Linkedin Larry Arrance Marketing Coach and Consultant

If you are a Kelowna small business owner who wants to improve your small business marketing results let’s connect for a quick call or coffee. 250-870-6029

If you are a Kelowna small business owner and simply wants feedback on your current marketing pieces, call me and we can meet for coffee.

Remember to ask me why my marketing services are never a cost.

Kelowna marketing services provided by Larry Arrance, Marketing Coach and Consultant. Helping Kelowna small business owners get noticed, known and hired.
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