Testimonials for Larry Arrance of Cornerstone Consultants

“Larry has a brilliant mind, which produces laser focused ideas. He has a unique ability to make connections from random ideas and output a perfectly crafted creative, whether it’s a tag line for your business, (as he did for me), or an in-depth marketing strategy. This makes him a powerful and skillful marketing coach.

I have had many occasions over the past couple of years to witness Larry’s inquisitive mind. He is quick, decisive, and insightful. While working with him today, he zeroed in on the right questions to ask me about my coaching practice in order for me to clarify my message and further identify my ideal client. Recently, Larry also provided constructive, and highly valuable, feedback on a presentation I gave to our networking group.

It is with pleasure to highly recommend Larry to business people who want to clarify their message to increase their company’s profitability.”

Pamela Lynch, Empowerment Coach

“Working with Larry is always a learning experience. His unique
mentorship has shown me how to tap into new markets, and furthur develop
my skills not only in business, but also in many aspects of life.

With his guidance i’ve been able to spend more time gaining new
business, and less time prospecting. His unique marketing skills, and
altruistic personality will take you to the next phase. You will not be
dissapointed, and you’ll likely have fun at the same time. Thanks for
everything you do Larry.

Chad Mulchand (Regional Sales Executive)

“Larry Arrance of Cornerstone consulting has been an invaluable resource
for helping me take my business marketing efforts to the next level.
Larry is about helping others succeed.

Through spending time mentoring me in new ways of approaching marketing
and helping me to fine tune my scripting, marketing letters, and E-zine,
I have watched my business flourish and sales increase in ways that I
would not have been able to achieve without his input.

What I appreciate most about Larry is his generosity with providing
information and resources that I would otherwise not have known about
and his expertise in effective marketing techniques that produce
results. I would highly recommend Larry Arrance to anyone who would like
to focus their efforts more efficiently and see their business achieve
new heights.”

Rachelle R, L’Heureux Regional Sales Executive, First Data

LinkedIn Testimonials

“Larry offered me a complementary session in which I got to know more about what he does. He is a great wordsmith! I found the information he shared very helpful in my marketing for my Health Coaching business. Also, he offered really beneficial and insightful suggestions for presentations. Thank you!” Judy Holt, Health Coach

“Larry has a keen sense of understanding the flow of the English language and how to communicate it clearly and effectively. “Short and Sweet”.”  Lyudmila Kormich, Transformation Specialist, Hairstylist

“Larry recently edited a radio script for me. He advised me as too what would work and what would not. The finished product should win a reward. I chose Larry because I know, I like and I trust him. Larry oozes professional confidence, he is very personal and a Master at his craft. I would not hesitate in recommending Larry to my network of colleagues.” Ross Short, Body-Wize


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