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Why do you want to write a book?

I’ve taught the Unleash the Author Within workshop for many times over the last 13 years. When people tell me they want to write a book I’m going to ask, “Why do you want to write a book?” As you can imagine some people will have an immediate specific well thought out answer while others sheepishly state, “because it would be cool.”

So what are your reasons for writing a book? Participants in my workshops have told me that they want to be seen as an authority in their field. They believe the book would set them apart from the colleagues or competition. I had two professionals that shared a practice both attend my workshop but at different times. One was older and had far more experience. I asked him, “What would be people’s perception of expertise and knowledge between the two of you if it was the younger professional who had written a book on the subject?” That thought did not sit well with him.

Many people would elevate the younger professional because, “After all, this guy wrote a book on the subject. He must know what he’s doing!” So as a credibility building tool, it is one of the best.

Young author sitting in money from learning to write a book.
Just one of the reasons to write a book.

Others will say they want to write a book because of the earning potential. For some this would be more than just the money from the sale of the books but also the income generated by the positioning that being the author can create. The book could lead to speaking engagements, leading workshops or consulting and coaching opportunities. I get at least one or two coaches (Life, Business or Nutritional) attending my workshops. They know having Author as part of their credentials could work out well for them.

Along the non-fiction path some people want to get better at writing blogs for their niche or special reports. I’ve had others who want to share their life story or that of one of their ancestors.

Maybe you lean more to the fiction side and there is a novel that you’ve been dying to write. Whatever your reasons for wanting to write a book, my Unleash the Author Within workshop can help you. Many of my participants went on to start and finish their books.

I will be delivering another Unleash the Author Within workshop in January 2015. Time and location to be announced.

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